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English for Specific Purposes

Almost every field has its own "jargon" or specialized words and phrases used in the course of everyday work. For certain fields, however, such as business, medicine, and various scientific and technical fields, this jargon can be both much more complicated and complex as well as extremely important for clarity and sometimes even safety. In international business, clear and effective communication can be the key to obtaining and retaining important clients or vendors, and because English is so widespread, it is becoming more and more important for business people and others to learn English in order to compete in the global market.

Because of this, seminars, workshops, and even entire study programs and schools have popped up to focus on Business English, Medical English, and other types of "English for Specific Purposes" or "ESP." This page contains links to many resources related to English for specific purposes from medicine and science to business, law, and aviation. There are study programs listed as well as sites by teachers.

If you have a website related to Business English, Medical English, or other related resource, please feel free to use the "Submit a Site" link above to submit the site for inclusion!

17 Links in the category "English for Specific Purposes"


ProActive English
Submitted on 2004-03-04 by David Kertzner [Edit] [Delete]
ProActive English offers customized on-site English language courses to address the communication needs of business professionals. Program participants receive password access to Web-based learning activities.


gcns- esol media, drama, social sciences
Submitted on 2004-02-24 by Steven Lamb [Edit] [Delete]
A wide range of vocational, Diploma courses with articulation to University. Small number of esol courses in media (film, journalism, advertising, public relations) and social sciences (psychology, sociology and politics). Successful completion may allow access to Diploma courses and possible progression to degree courses.


International EFL Cafe
Submitted on 2004-02-03 by Howie [Edit] [Delete]
The coolest English language site on the internet. English as a Foreign (EFL) or Second (ESL) Language. Learn English listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, culture.


American English. What to say in real-life situations, and how to say it
Submitted on 2003-11-14 by englishskills.com [Edit] [Delete]
“How to” books/audio for ESL students. Telephone skills, appointments, reservations, obtaining information, goods, services; resolving problems and emergencies. A combination of a language course and a quick reference guide with scripts for employees / customers of various sectors: banks, credit card companies, utilities, emergency services, medical offices, retail stores, catalogs, car rentals, public transportation, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. Free online chapter with sound.


Medical English online
Submitted on 2003-03-24 by Frank West [Edit] [Delete]
Medical English resources and exercises. Our site focuses on the many problems doctors, nurses, or anyone in the medical profession, may encounter while working in English speaking countries. The site is sponsored by the European Union and designed to help European professionals work abroad.


Submitted on 2002-04-13 by Joe Greenman [Edit] [Delete]
This site was created for students of Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, but I hope it will be useful to others interested in the field. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. Best regards from Berlin - Joe Greenman


Stanley Academy: English Education for Medical Professionals
Submitted on 2002-04-04 by Hanna [Edit] [Delete]
Stanley Academy is an English school in downtown Vancouver, Canada offering courses for medical professionals. We offer a Medical English (ESL) course for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and students who want to study Medical English from medical doctors. We also offer prepatory courses for the Registered Nurses Exam, TOEFL and the TSE (test of spoken English). Class are small (2-4 students), fun and intensive.


Submitted on 2002-03-06 by Julie Pratten [Edit] [Delete]
An on-line resource centre for teachers and learners of business English. The site provides practical ideas and tips as well as business articles, business wordpower activities, business quotations, survival business, business idioms, business tests and more.


Submitted on 2002-01-07 by Dennis Morbin [Edit] [Delete]
High quality, intensive business English classes and seminars for executives.


Science on the net for learners and teachers of English
Submitted on 2001-04-15 by Isa Kocher [Edit] [Delete]
Science for English learners and teachers is a site of resources where you can find technical language help, reliable science, and science education, in the categories of language, hard sciences, biological and social sciences, and the Internet. It is a work in progress, with ongoing additions and modifications.


Online English Language Program, University of Washington
Submitted on 2000-10-26 by Anita Sokmen [Edit] [Delete]
We offer intensive online English language courses that include skill-building exercises, short assignments to be sent via e-mail, and individualized online feedback from a University of Washington faculty member. Courses focus on Academic English, Business English, and English for Science & Industry. We also have courses for language instructors, e.g. Testing & Assessment of Language Learning and Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Cross-cultural Communication.


Executive English: Online Business English Training
Submitted on 2000-05-30 by aurelie [Edit] [Delete]
Executive English is a comprehensive, original business English course available on the Internet. Features include fully interactive lessons, immediate feedback and detailed tracking and report cards.


English for lawyers
Submitted on 2000-05-06 by dominic charles minett [Edit] [Delete]
Site in Portuguese with information about legal and other specialised English courses. Includes weekends away and courses abroad (with work experience in your area).


English for Aviation
Submitted on 2000-04-20 by Mike Mc Grath [Edit] [Delete]
A specialist site for those interested in English for Aviation. Intensive courses and specialist ESP learning materials available. The site contains an interactive aviation ESP sample lesson.


Submitted on 1999-08-09 by Martin P. Rice [Edit] [Delete]
The GlobalEnglish online course is an in-depth English language course in Business English for beginners through advanced. It places an emphasis on speaking and listening and uses advanced technology such as speech recognition and record and playback.


American Business English
Submitted on 1998-12-29 by Emily Lites [Edit] [Delete]
American Business English offers online Business English distance education training designed for international executives. The free service, Business Idiom-a-Day, delivers a business idiom, defined and explained with examples, to your computer desktop daily. Resources for instructors and more!


Business English Exercises
Submitted on 1998-06-29 by Pearson Brown [Edit] [Delete]
A growing collection of Business English grammar and vocabulary exercises and quizzes.Also contains a Business English Hangman.