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placement test


Placement Test  Usage
1. AHe's probably never done this before.
BHe's swallowing a cloud of flame.
CThe man is performing for the children.
2. AHe is wearing a business suit.
BHe is wearing a birthday suit.
CHe is wearing a costume.
Placement Test  Usage
3. AHis hands are under his legs.
BThey are sitting at a table.
CShe is wearing a bandana on her face.
4. AThey seem to be tired of each other.
BThey appear to be breaking up with each other.
CThey look like they get along with one another.
Placement Test  Usage
5. AHe looks like he's extremely thirsty.
BIt's too late to order another drink.
CHe has probably been going to this bar for years.
6. AThe two men are not playing a game of darts.
BThe two men are engaged in an intense discussion.
CThe two men are tending the bar.
Placement Test  Grammar

In this first part of the Grammar Section, choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to complete each sentence.


The radio is way too loud; could you turn it _____?
A up    B on    C out    D down

If you chose D, you chose the correct answer. One meaning of the expression to turn something down is to lower the volume (loudness).

7._____ to come to our house for dinner?
AWhen do you want   BWhen you want   CWhen want you   DWhen you do want  
8.He _____ him the birthday present yesterday.
Ahas given Bgave Cdidn't gave Dwas given
9.Alex _____ coming to the party.
Aisn't not Bisn't Cdoesn't Ddoes can't
10.I hope my sister can visit us _____ November.
Afrom Bon Cat Din
11.English is _____ Chinese.
Amore easy than Beasier as Cmuch easy than Deasier than
Placement Test  Grammar

In this next part of the Grammar Section, each sentence has four underlined sections, one of which is incorrect. Choose the section which has the error.


If you (A) gave me (B) a little more time I will be able (C) to finish the (D) whole report.

The error is in (A), gave me. In first conditional sentences, the verb in the if clause should be in the present tense, i.e., give.

12.Yesterday, (A) several reporters asked the President (B) much difficult questions (C) about his private (D) life.

13.What (A) you were doing (B) when (C) the earthquake (D) hit?

14.The firemen (A) were telling everyone to (B) get out of the building, but no one (C) wasn't listening (D) to them.

15.I (A) would like (B) to find a car (C) who has lots of leg room in the back seat but (D) still has a big trunk.


Yesterday (A) there was the man walking (B) around in my neighborhood with a parrot (C) on his shoulder and a monkey
(D) on a leash.

Placement Test  Grammar

Each sentence has four underlined sections, one of which is incorrect. Choose the section which has the error.


If you (A) can't find enough (B) informations at the library,
(C) check (D) the Internet.


"Hi, Mom. (A) I've got (B) some bad news. Our flight
(C) delayed, so (D) we'll arrive two hours late."


(A) If I had been born (B) in (C) the United States, I wouldn't
(D) have had to study English now.


I really (A) must quit (B) to smoke. My uncle (C) was diagnosed with lung cancer (D) last month.


(A) When I was a little boy, my mother didn't (B) let me
(C) to go out (D) on school nights.


Anyone (A) who can work with (B) these children (C) have my
(D) deepest respect.

Placement Test  Reading Comprehension
In this section of the test, read the paragraphs below and choose the best answer for each question. You may want to review the questions before reading the paragraphs.

    Very few people in New York realize it, but there is a community of "boat people" on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The 79th Street Boat Basin has a group of year-round boat-dwellers, many of whom have been living here for 10 years or more. Most agree that winters on the waterfront can be difficult but summers more than make up for it. Simple pleasures like enjoying breakfast on the deck and watching the sun come up over Riverside Park before charging into the workaday world of Manhattan just can't be matched, say residents. As alternate lifestyles go, this one has a lot to recommend it.

    The Boat Basin isn't like a typical pleasure-boat marina, with fishing charters and waterskiers. Most of the boats here never leave the dock. Some are actually floating homes more than boats. However, several charter sailboats operate out of the Boat Basin, for long cruises or simple sightseeing trips around Manhattan, and in the summer large party boats tie up at the outer docks and take on passengers for dining and dancing. On the Fourth of July it is possible to see the fireworks over New York harbor from the decks of party boats moored here -- just another one of the attractions to be found at the end of West 79th Street, on the Hudson River.

23. The best title for this article would be:
A  Manhattan's Boat People
B  Pleasure Boating on the Hudson
C  Alternative Lifestyles in New York
D  Summer and Smoke on the Upper West Side
24. The main idea of the first paragraph could best be described as:
A  Alternative lifestyles have a lot to recommend them.
B  Winter on the waterfront is difficult, but summer is good.
C  There are people in Manhattan who live on boats.
D  The 79th Street Boat Basin is a well-kept secret.
25. The highlighted word "moored" is closest in meaning to:
A  sunken
B  sailed
C  parked
D  launched
Placement Test  Reading Comprehension
Again, read the paragraphs below and choose the best answer for each question. You may want to review the questions before reading the paragraphs.

    There is a debate going on in American public schools over the best way to teach English to foreign students. Many schools use bi-lingual education. This means that students study their core subject classes such as science, mathematics and social studies in their native tongue. They also take a few hours of English.

    Recently, many educators have begun to criticize bi-lingual education. Opponents claim that bi-lingual education not only slows students' development of language skills, but also their adjustment to American life. They often remain separated from the mainstream student body.

    These critics have proposed the immersion method. This means that a student will take only English classes until they can function effectively in regular subject classes. Proponents of immersion theory argue that in order to prepare these foreign students for college or the job market, they must be able to communicate in English.

    Despite this disagreement, nearly all educators agree that English is a necessary tool for improving the quality of one's life in America.

26. In bi-lingual education programs, students _____.
A  study in their native country.
B  study their core subject classes in their native language.
C  study only English until they can function in regular classes.
D  mainly work on adjustment to American life.
27. A proponent is someone who _____.
A  supports a certain idea or policy
B  is against a certain idea or policy
C  uses the immersion method of teaching English
D  is a school administrator
28. According to the article, which of the following is not true:
A  Most educators agree that English is important for foreign students.
B  Students in bi-lingual programs are often segregated from American students.
C  Nearly all educators agree that bi-lingual education is best for teaching English to foreign students.
D  Students with good English language skills have a better chance for success in America.
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